6 Things to Must-Do With Any Boozy 9.9 Sale Drink at Hand

Article published at: 2021년 9월 9일 Article tag: featured-posts
Must-Do With Any Boozy 9.9 Sale Drink at Hand
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Online shopping has made it so much easier for people to look for the things they want and purchase them without leaving the house. This is especially useful at a time like this when cases of COVID-19 continue to rise and quarantine and restrictions remain in effect. Different websites and brands also have affordable deals that allow their loyal customers to purchase their products at discounts. 

The same is the case for Boozy, which will have a sale today, September 9, and will offer your favorite alcoholic drinks on friendly deals in large bundles that you can enjoy on your own or with your family and friends. Here are some of the best drinks that you can buy on Boozy on this special day and the fun activities that you can pair them, whether you are with your friends or relatives: 

1. So Nice Soju 360ml 6-Pack (Buy 1 Take 1) - Hometown Cha Cha Cha 

So Nice Soju bottles

Soju has become a favorite drink among Filipinos thanks in part to the rise in popularity of KDramas and KPop. There are several soju brands that are available on the Boozy website, including the So Nice Soju, which can be bought in bundles of six that include different flavors such as original, green grape, and watermelon. To sweeten the deal, customers can get a free six-pack for each purchase of this bundle as part of its 9.9 Sale.  

When drinking soju with your friends or relatives, you can enjoy episodes of your favorite KDramas such as the ongoing Hometown Cha Cha Cha. A remake of the 2004 film Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong, the series stars Shin Min-a as a dentist who moves to the seaside village of Gongjin after she loses her job. This is where she meets Hong du-Sik, played by Kim Seon-ho, who helps everyone and is highly regarded in the village. Having glasses of soju will only make watching episodes of your favorite KDrama more enjoyable. 

2. Johnnie Walker Black 1L + Tanqueray 750ml - Malice in the Palace

Johnnie Walker Black 1L + Tanqueray

With an instantly recognizable bottle and a smooth, deep, and complex character, the Johnnie Walker Black Label is a classic and a whisky for all occasions. The only way to make this deluxe blend even better is to pair it with another classic drink, such as the Tanqueray, which is one of the most awarded gins in the world. The Johnnie Walker Black Label and the Tanqueray are sold in a bundle on the Boozy website as part of its 9.9 sale, allowing drinkers to enjoy a classic whisky and a gin at a more affordable price. 

And while you’re enjoying these classic drinks, you can watch and relive an unforgettable moment in NBA history in the Malice at the Palace. As part of Netflix’s Untold documentary series, Malice at the Palace features players, officials, fans, and other personalities recount the infamous brawl between the players of the Indiana Pacers and the fans of the Detroit Pistons that happened back in 2004, its fallout, and its effects. It’s a moment that every NBA fan remembers, and diving into its details is best accompanied by a glass of these iconic drinks. 

3. Smirnoff Mule 330ml Case of 24 - Hold Virtual Catchups with your friends!

Smirnoff Mule

With a combination of the refreshing tastes of vodka, lime, and ginger, the Smirnoff Mule has become a favorite among drinkers of all ages, especially at parties. But with people mostly staying at home these days, you can still enjoy the Smirnoff Mule from your own home by purchasing them on the Boozy website, where they are sold in cases of 24 bottles. 

Instead of the usual parties, you can still share a drink with your friends, colleagues, or relatives through virtual e-numans, which are usually held via Zoom or Google Meet. Even though you may be apart from each other, you can still enjoy the refreshing taste of the Smirnoff Mule at a bargain as part of Boozy’s 9.9 Drinks Sale.

4. Tres Cepas Light 1L (Buy 2, Get 1) - Have endless conversations with your folks at home!

Tres Cepas Light 1L

The Tres Cepas Light is another quality drink, made from sherry casks and developed under a long and meticulous aging process before being carefully selected. And as with many other alcoholic drinks, the Tres Cepas Light is also available on the Boozy website, with customers eligible to receive an extra one-liter bottle for every purchase. 

With most people stuck in their homes during quarantine, it has given them the opportunity to spend more time and reconnect with their loved ones. Instead of enjoying the Tres Cepas Light on your own, you may want to share a glass with your relatives while at home as you strengthen your bond while enjoying a quality drink. 

5. Jose Cuervo Gold 375ml (Buy 1, Take 1) - Time for shots!

Jose Cuervo Gold

While the Tradicional Reposado is a blue agave rested tequila, the Jose Cuervo Gold is a golden-style tequila that is made from a blend of aged and younger tequilas. It is also one of the many drinks in Boozy’s expansive selection of drinks, with customers receiving another 375ml bottle for every purchase of the Cuervo Gold. Whether you are celebrating your family or friends, enjoying shots of the Jose Cuervo Gold is one way to enjoy any occasion.   

6. Tiger Crystal 330ml Bundle of 4 Cans - Beer n' Play with Boozy!

Tiger Crystal 330ml Bundle of 4 Cans

With an intense flavor and an unexpected light and crisp finish, the Tiger Crystal is another fine drink that is available on the Boozy website in bundles of four cans as part of its 9.9 Sale. This beer was made using world-class being technology, so it is fitting that you play world-class games like DotA 2, Among Us, Call Duty: Warzone, GTA V, Monster Hunter World, and NBA 2K while enjoying this crisp drink that you can purchase for a friendly price. 

There are many alcoholic drinks to choose from in Boozy’s catalog of drinks as part of its 9.9 Sale. And while staying at home with your family or friends, you can also do other activities like watching a series, playing games, or simply talking to them while enjoying these refreshing drinks. 

#ItsBoozyTime to get started with the 9.9 Boozy Sale! Catch your fave Boozy drinks at 9% OFF sitewide HERE.