6 North Food Hubs to Pair with Boozy’s top Drinks

Article published at: 2021년 6월 18일 Article tag: Beer
North Food Hubs to Pair with Boozy’s top Drinks
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Discover something new and tasty with these specialties from the North. After all, the North is known for its wide variety of flavors and spices with each meal that it has to offer. You’ll never get bored with all these diverse dishes with inspiration from Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Tex Mex cuisines. 

Grab a bite from these top northern food hubs along with Boozy’s top drinks for a weekend well spent. We all deserve to have a drink after another hectic week of work, meetings, documents, and whatnot. That’s why Boozy’s got you covered with a list of food hubs from the North to pair with the best spirits brought to you by Boozy. 

1. Fias Fud (Crunchy Salmon Poke Bowl Spicy Shoyu) x Belvedere 700ml

Fias Fud

Fias Fud’s Crunchy Salmon Poke Bowl Spicy Shoyu is definitely a must-try when you’re in the North. Each bowl captures the flavor of the sea with freshly cut salmon slices on top of a bed of rice. It is then drizzled with rich and flavorful spicy shoyu and flakes that enhance the freshness of the salmon. The bowl may come from Quezon City but it takes you to the tropical beaches of Hawaii with each bite.


Photo from @BelvedereVodka

Pair this delicate bole with the world’s first super-premium vodka, Belvedere. Belvedere represents the traditional Polish Vodka-Making tradition which is distilled from Dankowskie Gold Rye to create a balance of character and purity. Belvedere has hints of almond, vanilla, and white pepper that create that sweet and velvety flavor with a clean finish.

2. Green Giant Salad (Texmex) x La Tita Sangria White Sparkling 750ml

Green Giant Salad

Going healthy does not necessarily mean giving up flavor and taste. Green Giant Salad’s Fish Taco Salad is a true testament to this! Get that low-calorie yet high protein and fiber meal with fresh pan-grilled dory, mixed greens, tomatoes, green bell peppers, red cabbage, and Lime-Yogurt Dressing. A healthy and nutritious meal without sacrificing flavor for your weekend craving.

La Tita Sangria White Sparkling

Having a drink of La Tita Sangria White Sparkling adds another layer of freshness to the meal. This drink keeps it light and refreshing. Definitely a guilt-free pairing with natural flavors to get you started with the weekend. 

3. House of Birria PH (Premium Beef Birria and Arroz Birria) x Monkey 47 500ml 

House of Birria PH

House of Birria is slowly becoming a household name with its Premium Beef Birria and Arroz Birria tacos. They offer authentic Mexican Birria tacos that capture the Latino flavors in each bite. The taco is covered in a shell that serves as a base that wraps around the flavors from the cheese and cilantro to the juicy and savory meat that expresses the culture of Mexican cuisine. This taco truly has the makings of a delicacy for its customers.

Monkey 47 500ml

Photo from @monkey47

For a meal that’s filled with rich savory flavors, a bottle of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin would be the perfect pair. This bottle consists of Classic London Dry characters with a complex mix of Black Forest Botanicals. Sweet and tangy with its flavors with a fresh finish that balances all savory flavors of House of Birria PH. 

4. Tim’s Table - 225 Katipunan (Smash Burger) x Martini Prosecco 750ml

Tim’s Table - 225 Katipunan (Smash Burger)

Tim’s Table’s chicken sandwiches have easily become one of the most popular quarantine snacks in the North! From a humble quarantine passion project, selling burgers and chicken sandwiches, Tim’s Table has now expanded into a full-on cloud kitchen and resto-bar. Being a brand under 225 Katipunan, it shares the mother brand with brands such as City Jam, Sinag (for breakfast food), and Consigliere’s (for party trays). Grab the Smash Burger for that juicy and tender burger craving that you have. Other customer favorites are their authentic Nasi Goreng and Honey Sriracha wings for that full comfort food experience.

Martini Prosecco 750ml

Pair these Tim’s Table specials with an elegant bottle of Martini Prosecco.  Each bottle is produced from the freshest grapes from the Veneto and Friuli regions of northern Italy. Dry, fresh, and has a crisp aroma that complements the racy and crisp components of the drink. 

5. Pizzulu Pizza (Truffle Mushroom with Honey, Bacon, Spinach, Pepperoni) x Crazy Carabao IPA 330ml 6-Pack

Pizzulu Pizza

Photo from Pizzulu.com

For a weekend with friends and family, Pizzulu should definitely be a staple go-to meal. After almost a year of operations, this new pizza brand has come to be a game-changer and one of the top pizzas you can find in the metro. Their signature Truffle Mushroom with Honey, Spinach and Bacon, and Pepperoni are sure hits for pizza lovers. All their pies are best complemented with their signature truffle honey sauce that gives an earthy but elegant flavor to your pie. Their specialties are definitely best shared with others.

Crazy Carabao

Photo from @crazycarabao

Celebrate a new flavorful pizza experience with a bundle of Crazy Carabao IPA. Enjoy this refreshing brew that is  all about impact, big malt meets big hops. With intense tropical fruit notes from several North American hops and big British malts that provide sweetness up front followed by a cleansing bitter finish. Best served cold for that thirst-quenching and refreshing experience. Check their page out, they also have pizza flavors worth P333, giving you about 60% of a discount!

6. Gubat (Tapa Flakes and Dinakdakan) x Corona 355ml

Experience authentic Filipino food either for dine-in or delivery with Gubat’s own specialties. With its natural and green ambiance, Gubat will surely make you feel like you are at the comfort of the province right at the heart of their restaurant in Quezon City. Grab a taste of their special Tapa Flakes and Dinakdakan that are sure to satisfy your cravings this weekend. Indulge yourself with the crispy and flavorful meat cuts of tapa and dinakdakan at Gubat. Their tapa is served on a bed of rice to balance out the rich flavors of the tapa and is topped with vegetables that are soft on the palette. Filipino Food and beer has always been a classic combo for foodies and drinkers. 

Corona 355ml

Photo from @corona

Sip a bottle of Corona Extra as you dine with flavorful Filipino Food. A bitter yet refreshing taste in every sip of Corona makes this experience all the more special. Best enjoyed cold and a wedge of lime for optimum flavor and dry yet light texture.