5 Refreshing Wines for the Scorching Heat

Article published at: 2021년 4월 22일 Article tag: featured-posts
Refreshing Wines for the Scorching Heat
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There are certain wines that go with certain types of weather. In the same way that we dress up for seasonality, wearing sweaters for winter and tank tops for summer, there are also wines that go best with either the heat of the sun or cold winters. Interested to find out what wines we should pair for the summer time? Keep reading!

The best wines for summer are those that quench your thirst and leave you refreshed - light-bodied, crisp, refreshing, and maybe showing hints of bright, fruity notes. There’s absolutely nothing better than a dry white, rose, or sparkling wine in the middle of a hot day or a warm summer evening. 

It may be a little overwhelming to find that perfect light-bodied bottle that will get you through Manila’s legendary summer heat. Lucky for you, we have listed down recommendations here:

1. Tedeschi Pinot Grigio 2017 750ml

Tedeschi Pinot Grigio 2017 750ml

While Pinot Grigio is a popular choice of wine at any time of the day and any time of the month, this wine is definitely made for hot days. The Tedeschi Pinot Grigio 2017 is a delicate bottle of wine with fruity, intense, and complex white fruit accents of pear and golden delicious apple. 

2. R de Roubine 2018 750ml

R de Roubine 2018 750ml

This rosé wine from the Provence Region in France is said to be the best wine to bring to the beach and to enjoy with friends because of its light and crisp taste. Acidity shines through the blood orange flavors, making it a refreshing wine to drink, with an ideal tasting temperature is 8°. Besides the fact that pink looks aesthetically pleasing for summer time, rosés are light, refreshing, and delicate - perfect for hot days. 

3. Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Photo from @julestaylorwines

This Sauvignon Blanc has bright, lifted aromas of passion fruit, white-fleshed nectarines, fruit salad, and currant leaf. It has a crisp and steely palate, vibrant acidity, and shows a touch of residual sweetness right before a very dry lingering finish perfect for both summer-time adventure and relaxation. Sauvignon Blanc is known to be best paired with Asian cuisines and seafood!

4. Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling 750ml

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling

In the early 1970s, legendary winemaker Max Schubert began the quest for a range of white wines that would equal the already famous Penfolds reds. One of the first wines from these trials was named Autumn Riesling. Some of Penfolds’ finest Riesling parcels in the early 1970s were bottled under this label and the Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling acknowledges the original 1972 vintage by closely adhering to the original packaging with a fitting 'retro' label.

There are many reasons why Riesling is perfect for the summer weather. However, one of the main reasons is because of the high acidity with a bit of residual sugar that produces that crisp refreshing taste.

5. Codorniu Clasico Seco NV 750ml

Codorniu Clasico Seco NV 750ml

Photo from @codorniu_br

Nothing beats having good sparkling wine during the heat of the summer. This bottle is crisp and refreshing with delicate floral apple and toasted almond aromas. With fine and persistent bubble and honey notes on the finish, this is surely a refreshing drink that you will enjoy during the hot weather.

Now that summer season is here, and the heat is scorching more than ever, we recommend trying out any of these refreshing wines for your next wine night or afternoon instead of  reaching for the A/C remote. Put on some music, get some sun, and grab any of these recommendations from Boozy now!