5 Local Box Breaks to Pair with Boozy’s Filipino-made Drinks

Article published at: 2021년 4월 30일 Article tag: featured-posts
5 Local Box Breaks to Pair with Boozy's Filipino-made Drinks
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With all eyes and hype onto the current NBA Season, a lot of attention has been placed on the hobby of collecting NBA cards, as well.

A big part of the hobby is what we call “Box Breaks.” This is when a box break group opens up a group of boxes and/or packs of NBA Cards, bringing to luck your chances of getting a valued card. Panini currently holds the go-to brands having Select, Donruss, Optic, Prizm, NBA Hoops, Revolution, Origins, and among others that come in boxes and packs. Prices vary since the value of the NBA Cards inside the boxes and packs vary, as well.

How does it work?

Once a group has announced their boxes and/or packs of NBA Cards for the break, they will fill up 30 slots. These 30 slots can be filled up in 2 ways, Team Random (TR) and Pick Your Team (PYT)

  • TR: Once filled, they randomize these 30 slots to the 30 NBA Teams via randomizer, which even adds to the hype of the break participants as they wait for the break itself.
  • PYT: As the name suggests, you secure your chosen team but for a bigger value. 

You have your team. Now, what?

Picking your team is crucial because it can dictate which cards you can get from the Box Break that you joined a slot in. Now, sit back and watch your idols from the NBA get pulled out of one of those boxes. 

Grab your favorite Pinoy Drinks from Boozy because here are 5 of the Go-to Local Box Breaks you can easily approach for those big hits! 

*Beware: there’s a word going around that these box breakers have hot hands!*

1. Manila Box Breaks (MLABB) x Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

Manila Box Breaks

Image from Manila Box Breaks’ Facebook Group

A four-man crew consisting of Jolo Galan, Nico Rocha, Nikko Grajo, and Jet Torres. The group started off with Jolo Galan doing everything solo, From the operations to the breaks, sorting, and deliveries. 

“Since he needed help, he contacted the three of us since we were there from MLABB1 to 14. The rest is history. Things took off once we got the team together since we know what our roles are,” according to Nico Rocha. Now MLABB is currently located at Manila Box Breaks HQ Halcon, La Loma of Quezon City in Metro Manila.

So with the varying prices and luck on your side, what can P1800 bring you in MLABB? Here’s one of the coveted Rookie Cards of the year!

Lamelo Ball Orange Ice Prizm Rc

Lamelo Ball Orange Ice Prizm Rc

This big hit costs around $200 USD and it came from a Team Random Break, Charlotte Slot at P1800. Congratulations to the big hitter! 

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

Photo from @kantosaltedcaramel

There’s no better drink to represent this four-man crew with a few glasses of the Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka! Nothing but a caramel taste and good times, this drink can be paired with coffee, milkshakes, on the rocks, and our best bet, with Manila Box Breaks. 

Catch them here! As of today, they will be doing their 200th Break. While that’s the case, they don’t plan to stop anytime soon since they just love the hobby so much.

2. Midas Box Breaks (MBB) x Don Papa Rum 7yo

Midas Box Breaks

Image from Midas Box Breaks’s Facebook Group

Aaron Que, Jin Jimenez, and Albekir Sawali comprise the Midas Box Breaks Crew. Brought together by the Zion Williamson and Ja Morant hype around May to June 2020, they formed MBB. They have been friends for a long time dating back to being blockmates in college. They are based in Dasmarinas, Cavite. 

Let’s get into it. What can P3000 bring you in MBB?

Ja Morant RC 2019-20 Select Courtside Gold Wave RC

Ja Morant RC 2019-20 Select Courtside Gold Wave RC

There it is. One of the most coveted rookie cards for 2019, a Ja Morant Select Courtside RC Gold Wave. “Memphis for this break pulled this card then submitted it to PSA for grading. Got a perfect 10.” according to Aaron Que. If that’s the case, this card is now worth around $4000 USD and up. Just wow. 

Don Papa Rum 7yo

Just from the Ja Morant pull, you can already tell just how big you can hit in MBB. With big hits come a premium, island rum of Don Papa Rum 7yo. So when waiting for possible big hits from MBB, remember the smooth and delicate finish on the palate with a long textured finish that has the perfect notes of vanilla, honey, and candied fruit to bask on your recent card pulls.

As they are about to enter their 300th Break, catch them here. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bottle of Don Papa Rum 7yo to create the perfect pairing!

3. South Box Breaks (SBB) x Santa Ana Gin

South Box Breaks

Image from South Box Breaks’ Facebook Group

Now if you’re from the South, this two-man box break crew is for you! This crew consists of Dray Andaman and Myko Garcia, both residing in the South while the cards come from BF Homes, Parañaque City. 

“Dray and I have always been avid fans of the game of basketball as we would also have our own collection of cards back then when we were really young. Most of our cards were hand-me-downs from our older relatives and we would be so happy with any card back then, as long as it was a card of our favorite player,” as Myko Garcia explains their roots in the hobby. 

After a life of being participants in box breaks, SBB was formed. Initially just for their close friends to get into a hobby, to now a public group open for everyone. They are on their 75th break and it doesn’t look like we’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Do you feel the luck on your side? So, what can P2800 reach you here in SBB?

Lamelo Ball Chinese New Year Revolution RC

Lamelo Ball Chinese New Year Revolution RC

This big hit costs around $300 USD and it came from a Pick Your Team Break, Charlotte Slot at P2800. 

Santa Ana Gin

Photo from @santaanagin

To fully get into that South Vibe with SBB, this is best paired with the fresh tropical citrus palate-driven Santa Ana Gin! This beautiful gin is a homage to the inimitable dancehall days of the 1920s Manila and its crown jewel, the legendary Santa Ana Cabaret. 

You can catch them here! SBB will be on its 75th Break, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

4. Budget Box Breaks (BBB) x San Mig Light Bundle of 6

Budget Box Breaks

Image from Budget Box Breaks’ Facebook Group

If you’re looking for a box break that won’t hurt the bank too much, this box break is for you!

As their crew name suggests, Budget Box Breaks is formed to give box breaks that are budget-friendly. 

With a 6-man crew to make sure you get your budget-friendly breaks consisting of Angelo Tumpalan Arteche, Blu Encarnacion, and Miguel Barlisan for the moderators. Martyn Tan, Gualberto Veracruz, and Joppy Piedad for anything behind the scenes related.

This group started out as college friends who were into all kinds of sports and collectibles. With the resurgence of sports cards, and upon learning about the steep entry prices of these box breaks, they decided to put up BBB. 

Let’s define ‘Budget’ in BBB. what can P1350 reach you here in BBB?

James Wiseman Rated Rookie Auto and Prizm RC

James Wiseman Rated Rookie Auto and Prizm RC

Tyrese Haliburton Orange Ice Prizm RC

3 big rookie hits from a Team Random Break worth P1350 a slot, respectively from the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings Slot. The 2 James Wiseman Rookie Cards costs around $150 USD to $220 USD and the Tyrese Haliburton Rookie Card costs around $100 USD.

San Mig Light Bundle of 6

Much like BBB, the San Mig Light Bundle of 6 is certainly a bang for your buck. A budget-friendly and light beer, good to consume alone or during virtual e-numans, or at best, during a BBB break! 

A budget break for your budget choice of drinks. Join them as they go for their 140th Break here!

5. Triple K Breaks x Sirena Blue Pea Gin

Triple K Breaks

Image from Triple K Breaks’ Facebook Group

Kiefer Ravena, Kib Montalbo, Kristoffer Co. The Triple K Breaks Crew knows no borders when it comes to the location as Ravena and Montalbo cover Metro Manila and Co handles the Bacolod City area. What was once just a Messenger conversation led to an actual box-breaking group. 

More than the public sports figures we know Ravena and Montalbo now, basketball has always been their go-to sport as kids along with Co. With the common interest they all have in both basketball and the hobby, they took the opportunity to invest their resources and come up with a community that lives up to the hobby. 

Triple K is a new box break crew with 1 fresh break on their plate! Here was their biggest hit from a P3,700 per slot Prizm Break. 

Killian Hayes Red Ice Prizm RC

Killian Hayes Red Ice Prizm RC

This big hit costs around $400 USD and it came from a Team Random Break, Detroit Slot at P3700. What a nice debut banger! 

Sirena Blue Pea Gin

Photo from @sirenaginph

So when you’re going to join their breaks, this is best paired with the Sirena Blue Pea Gin, a new-age style gin, with big citrus and floral bursts - perfect for G&Ts, cocktails, and best with Triple K Breaks.

Catch their 2nd Break here and get a chance to have a share of their biggest hits while sipping on a glass of Sirena Blue Pea Gin


It is true that teamwork makes the dream work. Whether that’s a 6-man, 4-man, 2-man, or a trio of a crew, it takes a whole bunch to serve you your daily hits from box breaks! And what better way to spend your TGIF with Boozy by sipping on the best Pinoy drinks while watching the go-to local box breaks. Try it out and good luck on your breaks!