Teeling Stout Cask 700ml

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Limited to just 12,000 bottles worldwide, this limited edition series is part of the Small Batch collaborations, Teeling collaborated with Galway Bay Brewery, providing them the ex-rum barrels to create a mix of small batch Irish whiskey and Teeling Whiskey aged cask 200 Imperial Stout. Left for over 6 months, the result is a remarkable depth of dark chocolate and toffee. A seductive match made in heaven.

ABV: 46%


Winner of Best Irish Blended Limited Edition at the World Whiskies Awards for 2018 & 2019.


Nose: Chocolatey and rich, with a light hint of rye spice.

Palate: Creamy caramel and vanilla, with layers of orange and plum.

Finish: Chocolate biscuits, more caramel, a subtle juniper-like maltiness.