Original Tonic Water Citrus 200ml

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The first notes of Original Citrus are pure freshness and spontaneity. The decidedly acidic essences of lime and Italian bergamot gain ground over the bitterness of the quinine, integrating with the notes of grapefruit and bitter orange. The citrusy nature to which it owes its name persists to the end, leaving a bitter finish and a waft of freshness, without ever becoming acidic.


This unique sensory experience emerges from the blend of Scottish gin and the most Mediterranean Original Tonic.


Original Citrus Tonic, Scottish-style gin, cucumber, rose petals and lime.


Serve in a very cold snifter, chilled first with rock ice. Pour the gin and then the Original Citrus Tonic, letting it run gently along the spiral spoon so the bubbles do not break. Aromatise with lime and serve with a slice of cucumber and rose petals.

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