Old Expedition Cocktail Kit by Erwan Heussaff


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Try the Old Expedition Cocktail at home with this Cocktail Kit by Erwan Heussaff! 

1 Shackleton Blended Whisky

1 Giffard Syrups Elderflower 

1 Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters 


Pour 60ml of Shackleton Blended Whisky, 1 bar spoon of Giffard Syrups Elderflower and add 2 dashes of bitters in a mixing glass. 

Add ice.

Mix for about 30 seconds. 

Pour in a Highball glass, then garnish with a peel of orange. 

Serve and enjoy! 

Plus, get an invite to a cocktail session with Erwan Heussaff when you buy this cocktail kit! Invite to be sent via email.

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