Generous Gin 700ml

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All the ingredients coming into the composition of GENEROUS are natural: Juniper, Citrus, Mandarin, Red Pepper, Jasmin & Elder Flower.

Some of them are produced by maceration, others by distillation, using exclusively traditional methods. 

This naturality can be clearly perceived in the tasting: the style is clear, the flavours are precised and well harmonised.


COLOUR: Light and shiny texture.

NOSE: Fine and floral. Dominant base of juniper, softened by the white flowers (elderflower, jasmine).

TASTE: A beautiful aromatic explosion of citrus fruits and spices highlighting the freshness of the juniper, with sweet floral notes and traces of jasmine.

CONCLUSION: A good length in the mouth, enriched by the persistent notes of red pepper, citrus fruits and juniper.