Maker's Mark 750ml

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One of the rising stars in the premium bourbon market, it has a distinctive look and exceptional quality.


Sweet and strong with touches of citrus, the Old Fashioned never really gets old, especially when it's made with Maker's Mark. Try this recipe out! 

1-1/2 parts Maker's Mark Bourbon
Splash of water
2 dashes Angostura® Bitters
1 tsp. sugar
Orange peel
Cherry for garnish

  1. Dissolve or muddle sugar with a splash of water in an Old Fashioned glass.
  2. Fill glass 3/4 full of ice.
  3. Add Maker's Mark and bitters and stir.
  4. Garnish with orange peel and cherry.
Aromas of woody oak, caramel, vanilla and wheat prevail in the nose. Taste is sweet and balanced with caramel, vanilla and fruity essences. Smooth and subtle finish.

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