Pairing Rurouni Kenshin, Trese, Elite, Fan Girl, and others to Boozy's Top Soju Flavors

Article published at: Jun 23, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
Pairing Rurouni Kenshin, and others to Boozy's Top Soju Flavors
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Do you ever find yourself on Netflix Ph watching the same shows over and over again? With the overwhelming choices in the application, it’s much easier to just watch HIMYM or Friends for the millionth time. We all have that ONE show we just keep going back to. I mean, come on, on top of the clutter in our minds, it’s just really comforting to play our go-to shows right?

However, the weekend is near! Perhaps, you’ve had a tough few days or just a long and slow Wednesday. Maybe you haven’t taken a break in a long time. This is your sign. It’s time to either sit down on your couch, lay on your bed, unwind, and relax. We know that there’s a lot on your mind so there’s no need for you to think of what to watch and how to elevate your me-time. We’ve curated a list of trending Netflix shows paired with Soju flavors and some food that goes with it!

1. Rurouni Kenshin x So Nice Green Grape 360ml 9-Pack

So Nice Green Grape 360ml 9-Pack

Himura Kenshin or also known by his street name, “Battousai Himura, the killer.” Kenshin is known as a legendary hitokiri, striking fear and sometimes excitement amongst his opponents when they see the “X” scar on his left cheek.

This movie series has 4 action-packed films available for streaming on Netflix Ph! Much like how we guarantee Kenshin will capture your heart with his captivating performance on the battlefield, this film is best with a drink that has a clean and flavor. The So Nice Green Grape 360ml comes as a 9-pack, perfect to share or to save as you go through a samurai’s road.  

2. Trese x So Nice Grapefruit Soju 360ml 9-Pack

So Nice Grapefruit Soju 360ml 9-Pack

If you’re interested in shows revolving around myths, urban legends, and supernatural forces, Trese is a trending anime show on Netflix, set in the Philippines. It’s directed by Jay Oliva, Tim Divar, David Hartman, and Mel Zwyer based on the award-winning Filipino comic books of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. Liza Soberano plays the voice of the show’s lead character in Filipino language. While with Shay Mitchell and Ryoko Shiraishi in English and Japanese! 

Pair this experience with So Nice Grapefruit Soju! This Soju flavor is a perfect balance of tangy, sweet, and bitter. The tangy and sweetness comes from the flavors of grapefruit while the bitterness is based on the natural Soju!

3. Fan Girl x Jinro 24 Soju 750ml

Jinro 24 Soju 750ml

Fan Girl won the most recent Metro Manila Film fest. When you hear the movie title, you’re probably thinking of Kathryn Bernardo, a fangirl who falls in love with the heartthrob actor, Daniel Padilla. The gist is there because it does involve a fangirl who meets her idol but this Antonette Jadone movie is dark, disturbing, filled with scenes of nudity. It’s a story about a 16-year old high school student named Jane, played by newcomer and MMFF best actress, Charlie Dizon, skipping classes for free mall shows to see her idol, Paulo Avelino (who plays himself). 

Unlike the normal fan girl cliche movies, this actually ends with 16-year-old Jane utterly disappointed and demoralized after getting to know who Paolo really is. Jinro 24 Soju - not too strong, not too bitter is definitely a great drink to pair with this show. Bring out your favorite Korean food and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

4. Crawl x Jinro Grapefruit Soju 360ml

Jinro Grapefruit Soju 360ml

If you’re looking for something intense, scary, and action-packed, Crawl is the movie for you to catch. It’s a story revolving around Florida residents: Haley and her father, trapped in a hurricane trying to escape. Things get worse when they realize that the floodwater is not the only thing they should feel scared about! Bring out your Jinro Grapefruit Soju to help you chill for the tense scenes with a new twist. You can also add some green apple bits and a slice of ginger over ice to make yourself a cocktail!

5. Elite x Jinro Strawberry Soju 360ml

Jinro Strawberry Soju 360ml

Drama, parties, twists, and mystery… Elite is a show set in Las Encias revolving around the relationships between working-class students on a scholarship program and their wealthy classmates. Think Dan, Jenny, Vanessa, and the rest of the Upper East Side crew in Gossip Girl except a Spanish cast that’s as good-looking as those in GG! Netflix describes the show as something that resembles Gossip Girl except this show is a bit darker. We believe this show is best paired with some Strawberry Soju - strong and sweet at the same time, just like the characters of the show.

Carla, Nadia, Lucrecia, Polo, Valerio, Samuel, Marina, Cayetana, Ander, Guzman, and Omar are just like Strawberry Soju flavors… Looking sweet but there’s definitely some flavors of Vodka there!

6. Record of RagnarokSo Nice Original Soju 360ml

So Nice Original Soju 360ml

Before eliminating mankind forever, Brunhild, one of the 13 demigod Valkyries, gives humanity one last chance to prove their worth. The battle of Ragnarok was then staged as a tournament with 13 notable humans from across history against 13 of the most powerful deities engaging in duels to the death.

7 victories is what humanity will need in this tournament, we can see similarities to Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. To increase the power of each human, they are handed over a valkyrie as a “Volund.”

With characters fighting for their lives and mankind, this show deserves nothing else as thrilling as the Original So Nice Soju. You can enjoy the thrill of taking it as shots or it is perfectly paired with clear soda and yogurt mix. 

Good Netflix shows, Soju, and your favorite Korean food = perfect way to treat yourself. Many of us get frustrated over choosing a show to watch since there are just too many choices so if you’re one of the indecisive ones, we hope this list helped you out! 

Hmmm… Next time your crush asks you what to catch on Netflix, you now have some shows to suggest. Maybe you can even ask him or her to grab some Soju from Boozy and catch a Netflix party together? We say, shoot your shot.