Hennessy, The Spirit of the NBA

Article published at: Jun 3, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
Hennessy, The Spirit of the NBA
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Hennessy is proud to be the 'Official Spirit of the NBA', becoming its first global spirits partner. The NBA and Hennessy have much in common. The NBA is more than basketball, and Hennessy is more than cognac. The two iconic brands represent global communities, and this partnership empower to support a game and culture that brings people together through entertainment and camaraderie despite the current challenges faced by fans around the world. Hennessy shares the NBA's core values of integrity, teamwork, respect, and innovation, all more powerful than ever as we work to inspire and unite people through across the globe. 

Hennessy VS Limited Edition Gold Bottle

To celebrate this partnership, we are offering this Hennessy VS Limited Edition Gold Bottle. Clad in a warm matte-gold finish, the beautifully re-casted Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Gold bottle conjures the exact shade of sun-warmed grapes mellowing on the vine and recalls the golden hues dancing within this celebrated cognac. The distinctive Hennessy Very Special Label has been replaced by an elegant tone-on-tone rendering in polished gold relief evoking time-honored traditions upheld, according to the seasons and the elements, for more than 250 years. 


Not intended to be seen by persons below 18 years old. Please drink responsibly